L'Écurie d'Emma is a function room with holiday accommodations in Provins

A region to discover


Ramparts, ProvinsOnly 20 minutes from la Croix en Brie, come and discover Provins, a medieval town, classified and recognised as a world heritage by UNESCO.
Surrounded by impressive ramparts the town has sixty classified monuments including the castle of the Count of Champagne and Cesar’s tower.

Provins and the higher part of the town know as "la ville haute" has gourmet restaurants, the town also hosts several festivals including the internationally famous medieval festival.



Castle of FontainebleauThe forest of Fontainebleau covers more than 25000 hectares. Its immense size can offer you walks or different sports’ activities including climbing, of course.

You cannot miss out on the Renaissance castle adjoining the town of Fountainebleau. This castle was a residence for reigning French rulers from François 1st up to Napoleon III. It reflects the majestic imprints left by each historical period. Since 1991 the castle and the surrounding park have been listed as a world heritage by UNESCO.


Vaux le Vicomte

The castle of Vaux le Vicomte The castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte is situated in the town lands of Manicy just 30km from l’Ecurie d’Emma. It was built in the XVII° under the orders of Nicolas Fouquet.

A different ambiance awaits you at every visit, whether it be fireworks, thousands of lighted candles or majestic water sprays. There are lots of activities and events for children giving them the opportunity to "live at the Kings court".


Disneyland Paris

Disneyland ParisL’Ecurie d’Emma is situated only 50 km from the biggest European leisure park. Perfect for taking advantage of the evening entertainment and ambiance before returning to a calm and peaceful night’s sleep.


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